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  1. My family welcomed a gorgeous black boy from Cali Love’s litter. We named him Diesel. He is amazing, well behaved and also an energetic puppy. He is a very smart boy who listens so well. We have two daughters who he is very protective over and they love playing with him. Diesel loves to swim and play around in the water. We took him to the river last summer and he had the time of his life. He adapted very well to our other lab Reign. We knew right away he was the puppy for us and that he was being cared for so well by his breeder. You will not regret taking home one of Cali Love’s puppies. Thank you Cali Love for Diesel!

  2. We got our good boy Beau, from Mulder & Scully’s litter. He was the sweetest dog from the very beginning. We knew he was healthy & being well taken care of by his breeder the minute we met him. My three kids grew up with him & he was a loving member of our family for 16 yrs. Beau had a sweet temperament, he was intelligent & easily trainable. He was best friends with our chihuahua and he also got along with our two cats. He loved every dog & person he ever met.

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